Celebrity Art Auction

Thank you for making our auction a success!

Many thanks to everyone who supported our inaugural Celebrity Art Auction. Whether you were an artist, bidder, auction winner, or social media sharer – thank you for helping make the auction a success!

We raised thousands, and got the word out about Parent to Parent to hundreds of thousands. The more Kiwis who know about us, the more families we can help. So thanks!

Celebrity Artists

A huge thank you to all our artists!

Kath Bee

Award Winning Children’s Entertainer

TITLE: Summer Steals Your Heart Away

“I have performed many times for Parent to Parent and The Maitai School in Nelson and they are at the top of my ‘favourite gigs’ list.  What I love most about children with disabilities is their total lack of inhibition.  They do what I WISH I could do.  Their reaction to my songs is exactly what I intend when I write them…..do whatever you feel……dance, sing, clap, smile, laugh and exude joy.  It steals MY heart away, every single time.

I created this from a photo I took one morning at sunrise from the back deck while staying in a bach in Pakawau, Golden Bay, with my sisters.  Our mum has dementia and we don’t often spend time together on our own.  It was an amazing 4 days with many colourful sunsets/sunrises, laughs, stories, walks and relaxation.  The text is a quote from my song Seasons. The pastels come off on your fingers when you touch it…..it’s like taking a little bit of Golden Bay with you…..”

– Kath Bee

“A bright and breezy work of art which joyfully gives you faith to overcome any negativities in the future. Something to brighten the home as it glows with positive affirmations.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here

Kath has been writing songs for children since ‘discovering’ she could in 2001. Since then, Kiwi kids have grown up singing her songs Individuality, Dad I Wanna be a Camel and Seasons.

She has performed nationwide in early childcare centres, schools, at fairs, festivals, birthday parties and Teddy Bear’s Picnics – you name it, she’s played there!

Kath has a special connection with kids from all walks of life, and writing children’s songs is her passion. She writes from the heart and approaches her music from a child’s point of view. Her award-winning music is unique in the fact that it appeals to all ages.

Kath is currently a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition with her song You Can Be You which celebrates children’s uniqueness. She also has two What Now Children’s Video of the Year Awards under her belt for her songs Dragons Under My Bed and Individuality. Kath won the APRA People’s Choice Children’s Video of the Year in 2010 and 2014, and Dragons Under My Bed will be released as a picture book this year.

Kath also has a special connection with Parent to Parent NZ. In 2008 she wrote the Parent to Parent Song. Then a couple of years ago she collaborated and recorded the song Fragile X with Andre, a boy from Nelson who had become a fan through Parent to Parent events. Fragile X is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Albums: Jump UpDragons Under My BedI’ve Got a Dinosaur in My Back Yard!AllsortsJust Chillin’.

Check out Kath’s website here

Suzy Cato

Children’s Entertainer, TV Producer

TITLE: Love is Everything

Suzy’s art will be personalised for the winner! Her piece will feature her well-known YouTube t-shirt wrapped around a canvas with glittering golden studs around the outside. The winner can choose what name will be added by Suzy to the art, immortalising their name in an unforgettable piece of true Kiwi memorabilia! The art will also feature the words ‘Love is everything’ at the top. Check out the videos where Suzy discusses her artwork below:

Suzy’s Vid Part 1

Suzy’s Vid Part 2

Suzy has been loved by Kiwi kids since the 1990s when she first appeared on New Zealand screens as Russell the Rooster’s assistant on The Early Bird Show. After that came the after-school show 3pm, followed by her best-known role as the host of the award-winning kids’ show You & Me.

Suzy went on to start her own production company Treehut, producing quality children’s programmes like Suzy’s World, a science-based show for five to 11-year-olds. Suzy’s World stretched to 263 episodes over four seasons.

Since then Suzy has become the proud mother of two beautiful children who have reinforced her passion to create and support quality programmes for kids and families.

Through Treehut Productions, Suzy produced the television programme Bryan & Bobby, and the children’s radio show The Great Big Kids’ Show .By 2016 The Great Big Kids’ Show was airing on Sunday mornings on 23 stations over 96 frequencies across the country, and was rebranded as Suzy and Friends. Guests include musicians and artists creating songs and magical moments for Kiwi children, and kids of all ages sharing hobbies and humour.

Check out Suzy’s website here

Aaron Fleming

Ironman, Olympic Ambassador

TITLE: Live Your Colour

“My inspiration was to not let diversity hold one back from dreaming big. As an out and proud New Zealander, this is something that is important to me and I hope my artwork encourages others to celebrate and live their diversity.”

– Aaron Fleming

“This is an inspirational painting by someone who shows that they very much care about their fellow-man. The boldness of the colours, and the fine balance of the work, reflect a strong painting.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“Aaron has used bold colours in this piece, and the blending of these colours adds fantastic texture. The white word art creates a striking piece with a great message.”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

Aaron is a nine-time international Ironman, athlete and previous New Zealand Ambassador for the Olympic Games.

He is also a popular and inspirational motivational speaker, presenter and MC who has spoken to schools and businesses around New Zealand.

He recently presented the television show Neighbourhood and is the author of the motivational book Purpose.

Guest speaker at the 2015 Parent to Parent NZ conference, Aaron is a keen supporter of many charities and national ambassador for Proud to Play, an organisation committed to promoting inclusive sport and recreation in New Zealand.

Check out Aaron’s website here

Claudia Gunn

Award Winning Children’s Entertainer

TITLE: You and Me and the Big Blue Sea

“Apparently when I was a baby and my sister was one year older my mum would always be torn between me- who’d sit mucking round in the sand and shells (most often eating sand by the handful) and my sister who constantly dashed for the waves…

Now that I’m a mum I don’t often get to sit peacefully on the sand – I’m more likely to be happily dashing after my kids as they splash and explore and test the limits.

The frontier between our island and the sea that surrounds us is a constant draw for our family and while the big blue sea can be choppy and uncharted waters, it also represents the unlimited potential in everyone given the right support and encouragement.

Our favourite holidays walk that line between the waves and the shore, as time gently wears away our past and builds up the future.

The painting is a mixed media work of crayon, watercolour pencil, resene paint tester pots, glue, glitter and found objects.

The lyric fragments are from two unpublished songs – one called ‘alchemy’ about chasing dreams and one called ‘knots’ about the complex forces that make up a family.”

– Claudia Gunn

“Is some lucky child going to have this warm painting, which is full of movement, hanging on their wall? It is all encompassing as warm arms emerge from the canvas to wrap around and protect the viewer.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“Claudia has added in extra elements to this piece with the shells and the dots of paint that create great texture. The use of cross hatching with the white paint is reminiscent of light reflecting off wet sand, which is a lovely contrast against the softness of the blues of the water. ”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

“My grandad plays saxophone, mama sings and plays guitar, and I caught the songwriting bug too, somewhere between Clementine and Better Be Home Soon.

“Since then I’ve collaborated on projects from electronica to theatre to a capella. But when my babies arrived, I starting humming lullabies – anything to help them sleep!

“The kids really responded to music and I have had so much fun creating and collaborating on new songs in response to their wonder and questions about the world around them.

“I released my debut children’s album Little Wild Lullabies last year, and it was recently nominated for Best Children’s Album, as well as winning two APRA Children’s Song of the Year awards in earlier years.

“I see music as an incredibly powerful force for calming little brains, increasing attention spans and growing hearts and attitudes and families. So Parent to Parent is an organisation I am thrilled to support, especially since within my extended family we have children on the spectrum and I understand the intense caring and commitment it takes to create a peaceful and happy home where they can thrive.”

Check out Claudia’s website here

Rob Hamill

NZ Rowing Champion

TITLE: The Naked Rower at Dusk

“I’ve mixed sand in with the black base paint to give texture for the ‘ocean’ and ‘sky’ to hang on.  The sand is also a connecting material from land to water.  The piece is a representation of rowing the Atlantic: the vast never ending horizon and the washing machine sea with its ‘rouge wave’ centre left.”

– Rob Hamill


“Dusk, the most pleasant time of the day. Then the glare of the sun, now long past its zenith, would reflect off my back. As the temperature dropped I would begin to feel better, the permanent headache would almost disappear and a freshness in the air was invigorating. Then, as the sun’s orb touched the horizon, cutting its power by half, one sensed the impending darkness loom like a prowler in the back yard. Reality was that another long night was ahead. For the moment I enjoyed the spectacle, glancing over my right shoulder observing brilliant colour changes from bright reds and yellows through the spectrum to shades of violet and, eventually, darkness.”

– From The Naked Rower by Rob Hamill

“This painting gives a divine feeling of the power of the sea and reflects the contemplating thoughts of a long-distance rower. The powerful colours exude the tenseness as victory beckons.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“The colours and composition of this piece are incredibly striking, and you get a real sense of a wide open space going on and on. The different brush strokes used in the sky versus the water create a striking contrast, of a sense of calmness above versus turmoil below.”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

Parent to Parent’s Patron is Olympian and marathon rowing champion Rob Hamill whose achievements include winning the inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race then managing two successful defences of the event, silver at the Rowing World Championships, Commonwealth gold, a world record on the indoor rowing machine and double gold at this year’s World Masters Games.  Rob has directed several expeditions, the latest planned being a trek the South Pole.

Rob was recently the narrator-protagonist of the award winning documentary Brother Number One, which recounts the story of his return to Cambodia to retrace the steps of his brother Kerry, tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge.

Rob is a motivational speaker, event promoter, adventurer, author and Dad to three amazing boys.

Check out Rob’s website here
Visit the Brother Number One website here

Itty Bitty Beats

Award Winning Children’s Entertainers

TITLE: A Kiwi in Kaitaia, Cruising in His Combi

“When we heard about the wonderful art auction to raise funds for Parent To Parent we were thrilled to be a part of such a meaningful project. We make music for families and children, as that is where our hearts are … we are parents first and foremost.

“It is so exciting to see the work that Parent to Parent is doing in our communities; connecting families, providing information and building support networks. Our tamariki are our future and supporting families is inspiring work.”

– Itty Bitty Beats

“Not a musical note in sight but one knows that Kombi vans were always full of laughter and frivolity. They were seen as part of our lives as we passed them on the highways and byways. This is a touching piece of Retro for the wall.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“What a fun piece. The form and structure of the kombi is well rendered. The use of different colours for the kiwis feathers are lovely, giving the sense that they are being ruffled in the wind.”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

Itty Bitty Beats is the Christchurch-based children’s music duo, Lucy Hiku and Jenny Payne.

Tertiary trained, the pair met at Jazz School in Christchurch in 2002 (where they also met their music-making husbands).

They are ‘music -making’ parents, passionate about creating music for kids.

“We want our music to engage little ears and inspire families to include music in their household on a day-to-day basis. But in order to do that, it’s our job to make it easy and practical for parents … our lives are busy enough and our hands are full as it is! So we love that our albums work around travelling together, bath time and bed time, so they can just be included in day-to-day life”.

They are still bubbling with excitement from being nominated for all three categories in the 2017 Children’s Music Awards (Best Album, Best Song and Best Video). In 2016 the pair won best children’s song (Po Marie) and best children’s album (Lay Your Head Down) in the Children’s Music Awards. In 2015 they were nominated for best children’s album with their debut album Bath Time.

As well as writing and recording music for kids, Itty Bitty Beats released two songs for Baby Loss Awareness Month. The Last Lullaby was released in 2015 and Soaring Through Skies in 2016 – both free to download for anyone grieving the loss of a child.

Check out Itty Bitty Beats’ website here

Photo: Aimee Cane Photography

Life FM’s Morning Wake Up Crew

NZ Radio Hosts

TITLE: Face Your Fears

This piece redefines the meaning of ‘self-portrait’. The Life FM Morning Wake Up Crew dripped a bunch of paint on their faces, and rolled the canvas across them to create their masterpiece!

Have a look at the facebook event here to see the vid!

“The dancing marks are dashing and leaving behind the glow of a visionary halo as it sets off on its steadfast journey. An energetic, entertaining and worthwhile piece to own.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here

Energetic, entertaining and full of enthusiasm – the Life FM Morning Wake Up Crew, made up of Josh Coombridge and Bjorn Brickell, are loved and listened to by Kiwis nationwide.

Check out the Life FM Morning Wake Up website here

Chris Martin

New Zealand Cricketer

TITLE: Ducks

“I have 36 ducks, the 2nd most by a Test cricketer ever. Not something to be proud of, although lined up on a canvas in the 4Square colours does make quite the impact… If there was a reason to celebrate sheer ineptitude with the bat in hand it would be this… bid well!

– Chris Martin

“It may currently be duck shooting season but this will more likely be snapped up by someone in the cricket world. It’s painted by a bowling hero who suffered an ignominious fate when batting. Here’s a work for you by a sporting legend.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here

One of the cult heroes of New Zealand cricket, Chris began his career as a net bowler for Martin Crowe. A right-arm fast-medium bowler, he went on to play cricket for Auckland, the Canterbury Wizards, and the Black Caps.

Hard-working with the ball, Chris was the most consistent thing about the New Zealand pace attack in the first decade of the 2000s. New Zealand hasn’t beaten South Africa in a test since March 22, 2004, when Chris captured 11 wickets in the match as the Black Caps won by nine wickets at Eden Park.

By 2010 he was New Zealand’s fourth-highest test wicket-taker of all time, although equally well known for his batting – no New Zealand player has made more test ducks.

He is one of only four New Zealand test cricketers to have taken 200 wickets. In 2011 he was recognised as New Zealand’s premier cricketer when he was awarded the inaugural Sir Richard Hadlee Medal at the New Zealand cricket awards.

With New Zealand finding a new crop of fast bowlers, Martin announced his retirement from cricket in 2013. These days Chris, known as ‘Tommy’ or ‘The Phantom’, is busy running the Hokowhitu Four Square he bought in Palmerston North in 2014.

Bernice Mene

Sports Commentator, Netball Player

TITLE: Stand Up Tall

“The strength of this piece reflects both the art work and the written words. The traditional art and colours positively glow through to the viewer, bringing this work alive. A great piece for the wall.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“Bernice has incorporated patterns from her culture into this piece, and the message that she has included really adds to this. The contrasting black and white with the gold make for a visually pleasing composition.”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

Bernice has stood head and shoulders above the crowd since she was a teenager. At age 13 she was 1.89m tall!

But it’s not just height that makes the statuesque brunette stand out. The multi-talented mum-of-three is also a qualified languages teacher, sits on several national boards, works on TV commentary teams for netball tournaments, and bakes a mean chocolate slice.

A top student and self-confessed tomboy, Bernice played rugby and cricket with the boys in her street after school before heading off to hit the books or the athletics track. At 17 she was picked for the Silver Ferns, and went on to captain the team for three years of her decade-long international netball career.

Bernice was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to netball in 2003, made a guest appearance on the 2004 episode 3.5 of the New Zealand cartoon Bro’Town, and danced in the 2005 Dancing with the Stars with dancing partner d’Artagnan Kennedy.

She is married to former New Zealand cricketer Dion Nash and they have three children.

Dion Nash

NZ Cricketer, Entrepreneur

TITLE: The Only Way Out is Through

“These wise words will have the cricket punters bidding for a superb piece of Nash memorabilia for their study wall. Or might it be the perfect gift to present to the guy who has everything?”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“The simple shapes that Dion has used to differentiate the trees are gorgeous. Keeping them as simple line drawings allows the colours to tell the story. The lettering is simple and understated and goes perfectly with the rest of the work.”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

A strapping right-arm pace bowler who had a fairytale international debut in 1992, Dion played 32 tests and 81 ODIs for New Zealand.

When Stephen Fleming was injured in 1998, Dion took over the captaincy to tie the one-day series with India, then lead New Zealand into the tests and first ODIs against South Africa. He also shone in the 1999 World Cup.

Dion played professional cricket until he was 30, retiring in 2002 due to persistent injuries. Stints marketing for Charlies, 42 Below and Barcardi followed.

Years of playing cricket under the hot sun gave Dion a logical understanding of skin and skincare, so in April 2011 he launched the men’s grooming range Triumph & Disaster which also employs other former cricketers. He also plays guitar in a band.

Dion is married to former New Zealand netballer Bernice Mene and they have three children.

Visit the Triumph & Disaster website here

Richard O’Brien

Rocky Horror Picture Show Creator

Richard has generously given three artworks to be included in our auction!

TITLE 1: Hero

TITLE 2: The Happiest Boy

TITLE 3: Untitled

“These doodles – for doodles they are – were drawn just for the fun of doing so. Sometimes I start with an objective and, at other times, I just allow myself to apply the ink, crayon or pencils with a free hand and whatever results from the exercise becomes a surprise to me as well.

“My only hope is that others find them appealing and, with this fundraiser in particular, I feel an urgent need to hear that someone has paid far too much for them.

“You must remember that I am 75, and a doodler’s work (after they have shuffled off to doodler’s heaven) does tend to increase in value.

“Contributing to this fundraiser sits well with my support for children through Starship Hospital. Many of the parents of children coming out of Starship will need the unique sort of ongoing support Parent to Parent provides at no cost.”

– Richard O’Brien


“Everyone loves a hero and Richard O’Brien is definitely one of those. Hamilton and New Zealand are proud of this man. His art reflects him as a true hero.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


The Happiest Boy in the World

“With tonsils almost popping out how could one not fall in love with The Happiest Boy in the World. A must to brighten any wall.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here



“A piece of art with depth, mystery, and thought-provoking ideas. It is skilfully executed and presents a 3-W view of the world……where?, why?, who? Will the Waikato Museum be bidding for this art to add it to their collection?”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here

Born in England in 1942, Richard now has dual citizenship and lives at Katikati with his wife Sabrina Graf. He has three adult children from two previous marriages.

He emigrated to New Zealand with his family in 1951 when his father purchased a Tauranga farm. In his teenage years he watched science fiction and B-grade horror movies at Hamilton’s Embassy Theatre – the space now occupied by Richard’s Riff Raff statue in Embassy Park.

Richard relocated to Britain and began life in entertainment at age 23. There, he wrote the music and lyrics to what was to become The Rocky Horror Show as a humorous tribute to those 1940s-1970s science fiction and horror movies. The stage show opened June 1973 in London, and in 1975 it was adapted into the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show starring Richard as Riff Raff. It became the biggest cult musical of all time, and has the longest-running release in film history.

In a career that has spanned 50 years, Richard has acted with some of the biggest names in the industry and commands an international following of Rocky Horror fans. Lately he won over a new, younger generation as the voice of Lawrence Fletcher, the father of Phineas and Ferb, in the Disney cartoon series of the same name.

Greg O’Connor

Politician, former Police Assoc. President

TITLE: Sand to Sand

“Every storm throws up a new collection of weathered glass onto Seatoun Beach. A final journey to nestle in the sand from which it derives. The glass at sea points landward with the current, while those ashore lie randomly, having found their own resting place.”

– Greg O’Connor

“A thought provoking piece of art that dances in front of one’s eyes, with the words rolling about like spinifex, the tumbling weed. A worthy number for anyone’s collection.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“The paint has been blended where the waves are crashing on the beach, giving a sense of the movement of the water. The pieces of sea glass have been used to give a real sense of direction, of the tide sweeping you in.”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

“I am currently attempting to make the transition from 21 years advocating for Police Officers as Police Association President to representing the good folk of the Ohariu electorate in Wellington as a Labour candidate.

“This is my first encounter with canvas since school – my artistic pursuits usually confined to written prose.

“As a parent of an intellectually disabled son, I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the great work done by Parent to Parent.  Our special family members take us on a journey to worlds we previously knew nothing of, discovering new people and places and – as this project shows – to do things we would never otherwise have done.

“But it is a journey best shared, and Parent to Parent enables that sharing. It’s a privilege to participate, and at the same time explore my artistic side.”

Check out Greg’s profile here

Rhema’s Breakfast Show Hosts

NZ Radio Hosts

TITLE: Self Portrait By Numbers

With the help of a few numbers, and some vivid colours, the Rhema Breakfast Show Hosts put together a unique self-portrait!

Have a look at the facebook event here to see the vid!

“Wow! Andrew and George have gone all-out to muster together all their artistic skills that would brighten anyone’s day. A truly colourful number to brighten anyone’s wall.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here

With their unique brand of wit and wisdom, the Rhema Breakfast Show hosts – made up of Andrew Urquhart and George Penk – are loved and listened to by Kiwis nationwide.

Check out the Rhema Breakfast website here

Anna van Riel

Award Winning Singer & Songwriter

TITLE: A World of Possibilities

“As a child, growing up in Deep South NZ, I always dreaded the departure of summer.

I remember searching for pockets of warmth and light where I’d imagine I could trap summer in my pockets and keep it with me through the arctic chill of winter. Born a solar panel, this painting reflects my escapism back then and even now, and inspires the ideas that within us all there’s a magic door that leads us to summer.”

– Anna van Riel

“A superbly creative work showing the ultimate goal of all dreams that takes one centre stage and through the magical door. Here’s your chance in many ways, for young or old, to allow all those dreams to come true.”

David Lloyd
David Lloyd Gallery
Visit David’s website here


“I adore the whimsical nature of this work. The trees are beautifully rendered using alternating brush strokes. The pathway leads the viewer into a magical fantasy world.”

Mandy Palmer
Visit Mandy’s website here

Following the success of her 2014 Tui Nominated album Whistle and Hum, Award-winning Lake Hawea singer/songwriter Anna van Riel changed tack with a fun and interactive, toe tapping album, with a focus on supporting child development and interaction.

Having successfully toured her way across North America, with family in tow, Anna resourcefully engineered her own self-managed house concert circuit through sustainable and earth homes. Her passion for community and connecting with her audiences, has lead her on a musical journey that has been meaningful and unique.

When performing for her younger audiences, mother of two, Anna brings a wholesome, loving and encouraging air to her shows. She is also enthusiastic about sharing her sustainable approach to motherhood and music through song and dance.

Nominated Best Children’s Album and Best Children’s Song at the NZ Music Awards, the title track to Anna’s children’s album, Cooking up a song, also took out Best Song for Children at the Australian Songwriters Association awards in Sydney last year.

The album has recently taken her on an Off The Beaten Track tour in the Deep South where she visited children in remote areas.

Southland born, Anna is based in Lake Hawea with her husband and two children Matilda and Oscar.

Discography: Cooking up a Song (2015), Whistle and Hum (2013), Love is Just a Word (2014),The Funny Thing (2014), Einey Meiny Miney Mo(2010), Solar Panel (2010).

Check out Anna’s website here

Thank you for your support!