General Members

Available to anyone outside staff in two categories; Annual Members $50 p/a, and Perpetual Members pay a one-off $1000. AGM Voting rights.

Associate Members

Also in two categories; Charity and Corporate. The annual fee for registered charities is $150. The Corporate fee is negotiable and may be gifted to significant donors/sponsors.

Support Parents

People who have completed Support Parent training and are available to be matched. AGM Voting rights.

Life Members

Honorary in recognition of long-term service or an outstanding contribution. We have 14 and one patron. AGM Voting rights.

What we'll give you

  • Annual Report
  • Free quarterly magazines — Post or digital link email
  • Invites to local/national events
  • Exclusive offers — For example, Entertainment Book early bird offers
  • Magazine advertising incentives and discounts
  • Incentives to sign on other members (General or Associate) — Go in the draw to win a dinner for four
  • Acknowledgement of membership — Membership milestones will see you receiving ‘thank you’ cards or a personal phone call from the CE/Board, to certificates, hampers, bottles of wine and a dinner-for-four voucher