General Members

Available to anyone outside staff in two categories; Annual Members $50 p/a, and Perpetual Members pay a one-off $1000. AGM Voting rights.

Associate Members

Also in two categories; Charity and Corporate. The annual fee for registered charities is $150. The Corporate fee is negotiable and may be gifted to significant donors/sponsors.

Support Parents

People who have completed Support Parent training and are available to be matched. AGM Voting rights.

Life Members

Honorary in recognition of long service or significant contribution. We have 14 and one patron. AGM Voting rights.

What we'll give you

  • Annual Report
  • Invites to local/national events
  • Incentives to sign on other members (General or Associate) — Go in the draw to win a dinner for four
  • Acknowledgement of membership — Membership milestones will see you receiving ‘thank you’ cards or a personal phone call from the CE/Board, to certificates, hampers, bottles of wine and a dinner-for-four voucher