Supporting bright futures for children

We are a nationwide not-for-profit organisation formed in 1983 by parents and professionals to support the families of babies, children, teens and adults with any type of disability or health impairment.

Today, our 14 branches and national office in Hamilton help families across New Zealand informing, educating, inspiring and supporting them , as they navigate their way through experiences with disability.

Our services, including Altogether Autism and Care Matters, are all free and confidential.

Connecting parents

Parent to Parent operates the only parent support network for families raising a child with a disability in New Zealand. 

Parent to Parent operates a network of more than 600 specially-trained volunteer support parents, and connects those parents to families new to the world of disability. Each family is connected to a support parent whose child has the same or similar disability to yours.

Support Parents are there to offer a listening ear. With their ‘lived experience’, they understand the challenges and unique joy of caring for a child or family member in a similar situation to yours, and can offer practical solutions.

Research, information and support

This service is unique to Parent to Parent in New Zealand

A core part of our work revolves around providing the latest research and information about your family member’s condition so you are equipped with the power of knowledge.

Our dedicated support and information team provides free information to families and those involved in a family’s care, on nearly 4,000 conditions each year, from the very rare to the more common.

What are the benefits of this service?

In many cases, when a child receives a diagnoses, parents cannot absorb all the verbal information they receive from medical professionals. They may feel isolated, with a thousand questions. Because accessing medical professionals whenever a question pops up is not often practical, parents can turn to the internet where there is a huge amount of information. However, it is hard to sift through it to find answers to case-specific questions, and parents are not to know if that information is accurate, credible or up-to-date.

Our research and support and information team offers free researched, evidence-based information on thousands of different conditions; easy to understand information tailor-made for your child’s individual condition, written in plain English, and available in most languages.

There is no limit to the number of requests a parent can make for information covering not only the medical conditions themselves, but all the issues surrounding them, from pre-birth to adulthood. Parent to Parent also provides information for early childcare learning centres, schools, workplaces and any organisation that works with, and for, people with disabilities and health impairments.

Education and other services

While our core services are connecting parents with Support Parents and providing research and information, we also offer nationwide programmes and workshops. Our other main role is at government policy level, advocating for better lives for children with disabilities and their families.

  • Renew, Connect & Reflect is for parents new to the world of disability
  • Champion Your Needs is about navigating the system, learning how to be heard, and advocating for your child’s needs.
  • Support Parent Training trains parents to support others in a similar situation.
  • Anxiety Workshops – for parents of children with anxiety issues and anyone else. Presented in association with registered mental health and intellectual disability clinician Matthew Peppercorn.
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) helps parents ensure their child receives everything they are entitled to at school.
  • Sibling Support camps and workshops provide networking for children who have a brother or sister with a disability.
  • Second Generation Workshops for adult siblings and parents for a whole family approach to support family members with a disability.
  • Altogether Autism specialist information delivered in partnership with Life Unlimited.
  • Care Matters provides wellbeing information and support for family carers of people with disabilities. It is a service run by SAMS, Carers NZ and Parent to Parent.
  • Family activities and events.

Contact Us

For more information phone 0508 236 236 or email