Support Parent Network

Connecting parents with trained volunteer Support Parents.

Connecting you with other parents who understand.

Parent to Parent’s Support Parent Network helps you to connect with trained volunteer Support Parents who have a child or family member with the same or similar disability, health impairment, or are experiencing a similar issue.

Support parents:

  • Are parents or family of a child who has a disability or health impairment
  • Offer a listening ear
  • Have been trained to support other parents, family, whanau or carers
  • Understand the challenges and unique joy of caring for a child with a disability or health impairment
  • Can share experiences and offer practical solutions
  • Contact us if you would like to be connected with a Support Parent for a one-off phone call of support.

I cannot praise Parent to Parent enough. From the very first phone call I was no longer in isolation. The lovely person at Parent to Parent let me know what they did and how it would probably go I could almost not believe it. The next day I was contacted and given details and in the post I received information that I had not found anywhere else and has been so useful.

When I was put in contact with my support parent I found I was speaking to someone who just ‘got it’. I didn’t have to be the parent talking to a specialist, or the parent trying to explain my child’s condition to everyone. I was able to be the parent laughing about similarities for the first time. I think I spent most of the first conversation nodding my head and saying ‘me too’.

I got to feel like I belonged to something because finally it wasn’t just me trying to google everything alone, someone else has been through it too and could tell me. Now when I go to appointments and have home visits I know I am more informed and I will have someone to talk about them afterwards. – Jen

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