Inclusion & Rights in Education

Build Connections and partnerships to advocate for your disabled child.

Do you have a disabled or neurodiverse child at school or in Early Childhood Education? Learn to work alongside educators to ensure effective support for your child.

This workshop will build your understanding of how to best advocate for your disabled or neurodiverse child using a rights and principles-based approach:

  • Explore your children’s rights in education
  • Build effective communication skills to advocate for your child
  • Create partnerships with schools and ECEs
  • Follow a strengths and interests-based approach to create effective IEPs

Workshop facilitator Frian Wadia has many years’ experience advocating for her own disabled children’s rights in education. She is connected with a number of groups and initiatives championing inclusion and equity for all disabled children within the education system and their communities.

The workshop is free thanks to funding from Care Matters.

Your family must be eligible for disability support services to attend this workshop.
Please contact us if you are unsure of your eligibility.

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