SibShop and Movies!

Come to the movies with us! A fun-filled day for Kiwi kids and teens who have a disabled brother or sister, and a chance to connect with other kids who just ‘get it’.

Our popular SibShops offer the opportunity for children and youth with a disabled brother or sister to have a day where the focus and attention is just on them.

These siblings will get the chance to sit down together and talk about what it’s like having a disabled sibling, in a safe environment with others who know just where they are coming from. They will also get the chance to discuss practical tips and strategies to help them thrive in their own unique family and whānau environment.

Then there’s a choice to see Sing 2, play games or just hang out with each other.

“People shouldn’t limit themselves to the expectations of others. Instead, they should share their passions and talents with the world.”

Our SibShops are incredibly popular so get in quick!  This event is free, thanks to funding from Care Matters*

*SibShops are open to children aged 8-18 who have a disabled sibling or a sibling with a health impairment.

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