14 December 2020

A note for our Support Parents

Just a heads up that we are in the process of emailing all of our Support Parents to obtain updated details for our database records.

Please keep an eye out for this in your inbox over the next few months, and fill in the e-form for us when you have a few minutes to spare!  Many thanks to those who have already filled in and submitted the form.

We are also hoping to run Support Parent training for new Support Parents in Auckland in early 2021, so if anyone is interested please contact one of our Auckland Regional Coordinators.

Finally – a huge thank you to all of our Support Parents who have volunteered their time to connect with other parents and offer support. In the year to June 2020 we had 170 Support Parents provide peer support which is so amazing!

We are grateful for your involvement with Parent to Parent and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a joyful new year.

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