01 February 2017

Press release: Well-known Kiwis wanted

New Zealand charity Parent to Parent seeks well-known New Zealanders to get creative on canvas and donate their work to its Chill Art Auction, which runs over two weeks in May 2017.

The auction is an annual fundraiser to continue Parent to Parent’s core nationwide services in the disability sector, including providing information and support to families who have a child with a disability.

Parent to Parent runs nationwide coffee and support groups, and connects parents new to the world of disability with a parent whose child has the same or similar disability, while its research team provides free tailor-made information on a child’s condition. The charity also runs activities for siblings of a child with a disability.

“These services are unique to Parent to Parent in New Zealand, and are very much sought-after in the disability sector,” Parent to Parent business development Sue Pairaudeau said.

“To continue to support more families each year around the country, we rely on donations and fundraisers such as this art auction. We’re hoping some really big names will get on board and help us to support those in need.”

The charity is funded by grants and donations, with its services costing approximately $1.9 million annually to run.

Parent to Parent will send participants a blank canvas and arrange a free return courier. A publicity campaign will run in the lead-up to, and during, the auction with each participant being promoted to Parent to Parent’s extensive network of more than 50,000 followers, readers and contacts through social platforms, the Parent to Parent magazine, and its website.

While many organisations work within the disability sector, Parent to Parent is the only not-for-profit in New Zealand offering free confidential services to the wrap-around families of babies through to adults with a disability.

“The funds and nationwide publicity will help us reach more families struggling in the world of disability. We cover more than 3600 conditions and impairments – physical, medical, intellectual, behavioural, the lot – and our support is lifelong.

“Happy families are parents, step-parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents who feel understood and, through knowledge and support, empowered. We show them real-life examples of hope and bright futures.”

To get involved email Sue Pairaudeau at suep@parent2parent.org.nz, or phone 07 834 3764.

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