Tāne Talks

A WhatsApp chat group for men raising a disabled or neurodiverse family member.

Parent to Parent invites you to kōrero and connect with other guys in a WhatsApp group for dads and male whānau.

There’s a whole world of parent forums you can access online, but let’s face it, the member majority is women. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that—but men need a space too! So we’re evening up the parent-chat world with a group where guys can focus on their concerns, celebrate their successes and encourage one another in all they do for their families.

The Tāne Talks group chat makes it easy to:

  • Chat anytime, anywhere, with other men in a similar family situation
  • Give information, ask questions, promote events and bounce ideas
  • Share helpful links, videos and images without needing a social media profile

All you need is a mobile phone, access to wifi or mobile data and the WhatsApp app on your phone.

If you’re interested, click here and we’ll get you connected!


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