Our information service provides printed or emailed information on more than 3600 conditions, from the very rare to the more common.

  • It is researched and tailor made for you.
  • The information relates to specific conditions, as well as the issues surrounding that condition.
  • Request information for any age - from pre-birth to adulthood.
  • Professionals supporting families and whānau can also request information
  • Ask us for information as many times as needed - it is free.

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I'm so glad I have finally found Parent to Parent, after searching far and wide and only coming up with overseas support organisations. I was thrilled there is actually support for New Zealand families in New Zealand.

As there is no Parent to Parent office in our province, I was never aware of its existence, but since finding and contacting Parent to Parent I have found it to be of enormous help and support. Within a couple of days of sending my inquiry via email, I received a phone call from national office. Then within a couple of weeks I was sent heaps of information relating to my daughter’s chromosome deletion and I was put in contact, with a Support Parent who has a child with a similar deletion to my daughter’s. Mandy made contact and just before Christmas we were able to meet up. It was great to be able to meet another parent who knows what we are going through." --Kristine

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