Inclusive education – A right not a favour
July 22, 2021
Family and their dog sitting in front of xmas tree
A fun and safe Christmas
December 10, 2021

Mask exemption cards

Wearing a face covering can be unsuitable for people with physical or mental health conditions or disabilities. If you or your loved one require a mask exemption card, email You can request a printable version, or a card that you can show on your phone.
Please share this with anyone you think may need one.

For more information please go to

Driving exemption letters

If you require a letter to show you are allowed to drive out and about at Level 3 and 4 please email Carers NZ at If you are supported by IHC NZ please contact them at

 Parent to Parent currently do not provide exemption cards and letters.

For more information on travelling permissions at different levels please visit 

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