03 March 2020

Andrew is awesome!

Hi, my name is Andrew Oswin and I work part-time for Parent to Parent Greater Canterbury, which is located at the Christchurch Community House.

I have nearly been involved with them for five years now since 2015 to the present day and I enjoy what I am doing.

Some of my work involves:

  • Photocopying
  • Checking daily emails
  • Scanning
  • Laminating
  • Taking out the recycling and rubbish
  • Sending mailouts
  • Help with promotional events
  • Attended a focus group meeting
  • Filling out timesheets
  • Attend community group functions

This has given me great opportunities to network and to work with other communities for a disability organisation in the disabilities sector. I really would like to see other people with Down syndrome (like me for instance) to get into the workforce, to be paid and having a job. I used to attend a daybase once in my teenager years, but I experienced stress then. I now feel a bit calmer and more relaxed adapting to changes with new workplaces and bosses after the earthquakes.

In my future I would like to continue working with Parent to Parent until I reach retirement age. I enjoy my job very much and what I value from it is having plenty of experiences, opportunities, coming into work on Thursday and learning something new each day.

By Andrew

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