12 December 2014

Press Release from Hon. Nicky Wagner (Minister of Disability Issues)

Hon Nicky Wagner
Minister for Disability Issues
12 December 2014
Media Statement

Approach gives disabled people more choice

Minister for Disability Issues Nicky Wagner says the Christchurch and Waikato demonstrations of Enabling Good Lives mean more disabled people and their families have greater choice and control over the support they receive.

The early evaluation of the Christchurch demonstration has been released and high level design of the Waikato demonstration, to be launched in 2015, has been approved.

“Disabled people want the same opportunities as everyone else. Enabling Good Lives has been trialled in Christchurch for just over a year and the early evaluation of this demonstration reveals that participants have more choice and control over their supports and lives,” Ms Wagner said.

“The Waikato demonstration of Enabling Good Lives will give more disabled people in the region choice and control over the support they receive to achieve an everyday life.

“Enabling Good Lives is a principles-based approach to disability supports. Participants are given personal budgets which they can use to directly purchase disability support.

“The demonstration will see Government agencies working in partnership with a strong and connected group of local leaders who will bring their knowledge and local connections to support the demonstration.

“Disabled people, their families and organisations have been saying for some time that the disability support system needs to change. I am proud we are trialling new approaches that involve disabled people at all stages of the demonstrations.”

The experiences from the Christchurch and the Waikato demonstrations of Enabling Good Lives will provide the Government with information about the opportunities to make changes to the wider disability support system.

“This is a very exciting time as disabled people, their families and communities work together with service providers to support disabled people to live a good life,” Ms Wagner said.

Further information about the Enabling Good Lives approach can be found at www.odi.govt.nz/.

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