09 March 2023

Staff selfie: Funding Lead Alicia King

In recognition of World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), one of our Parent to Parent staff members gives an insight into her work, family life and lived experience of raising a disabled child. She also gives her thoughts on this month’s theme of ‘hope’—how she finds it through challenging circumstances, and what her hope is for the future.

I joined P2P as an Information Officer in April 2018. I had just completed my BA Degree with a major in Education. Before that, I worked in the banking industry for eight years covering various roles from Customer Service to Lending Consultant and Credit Controller. I am now the Funding Lead here at P2P. 

My friends would probably say that I am fiercely loyal, hardworking and my family is the most important thing in my life. They might also say that I am loud, and I love to laugh over a good story or two! 

Alicia's son Tyson who has Down syndrome. Photo courtesy of Alicia King.

Photo courtesy of Alicia King.

I am Mum to four amazing children: three teenagers and my 18-month-old son with Down syndrome. We have had many challenges over the years, as my older son had ADHD and now, we are navigating my younger son’s journey with Down syndrome. 

I enjoy working for P2P as we are an organisation that supports the whole family, and our Sibling Programme would have to be my main passion as I have seen firsthand with my own children how difficult it can sometimes be for the siblings of those living with a disability or who are neurodiverse. 

My hope for the future is that my son with Down syndrome has every opportunity to thrive and develop in an environment that is supportive and accepting. That he overcomes his medical hurdles and can live a fulfilling and exciting life full of friendships, love, and laughter. 

And as for finding hope in the present, I find if I change my perception of a situation, it can shine a different light on it. Even through the hardest hurdles, I can usually find something to be grateful for that helps me to remain hopeful in challenging times. My go-to phrase is, ‘Every new day brings new opportunities.’  

In three words, what is special about Parent to Parent?

Supports whole family. 

It is International Day of Happiness on the 20th of March, the day before WDSD, so in three words, what makes you happy?

My children’s happiness! 

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